#BRISTOLPROMS DAY 3 – Prombassadors: Lina B. Frank

Great review of Charles Hazlewood’s All Star Collective / danceroom Spectroscopy at the Bristol Old Vic last Wednesday.

I have been describing dS as a sort of drug that you take via your eyes and this confirms it.


Lina B Frank  Illustration by Maja Bergström-Svahn Lina B Frank
Illustration by Maja Bergström-Svahn

Lina B. Frank
Lina is originally from Sweden, based in Bristol working as a Producer. She loves working with performance that really connects its audience and is highly stimulating for the senses: visually, sonically, geographically or all at once.

The highlight of my evening was watching Charles Hazlewood’s All Star Collective / danceroom Spectroscopy with their version of Rainbow in Curved Air. A mesmerizing immersive hour with food for vision, ears, brain, heart and thought.

I hardly ever go to gigs because I miss a vision-based focus point. Here I got more than I bargained for.

Imagine lying on your back in the grass on a clear summer day. Small breeze in the air, you have your headphones on with pacey and loud music that you like a lot. Overhead the sun is blistering and there are fast moving clouds. The clouds…

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Stuff is going down on Aware Games dev blog

I have been working on a new project with Mr Luke Oram check it out!

Aware Games Dev Blog

Aware Games Dev Blog

Rug.Osc version 1.2.4 released

With new improved bits!!  Yes many of the bits have been revamped and better bits mean better bytes GET IT NOW!!!


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