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First day at PM Studio

I have acquired a hotdesk at the Pervasive Media Studio its a great space and I actually found I could get a decent amount of code done during the day.

I was working on a middle-ware layer to my RugTech1 library that powers all my current art projects (dS, Me and My Shadow, others) trying to make it mono compatible and use OpenTK (OpenGL) on platforms where SlimDX (DirectX) is not available, im hoping this will remove the distressed looks i get from my Mac using collaborators. Its quite a big task though and I’m sure getting the 2 versions pixel perfect is going to be, to be frank, a total ball ache but I’m sure having a fully cross-platform art framework will be really useful.

Feature on Danceroom Spectroscopy in Physics World

Check out the video interview with Dave that was featured in physics world where he talks about the Danceroom Spectroscopy project here​ortfolio/iop-publishing

If you have a IOP subscription you can read the full article here

Me and my Shadow blog

Follow the progress of the new commission i am working on with Jo Hyde ‘Me and my Shadow’ here

The first leg of this year long project is in Istanbul’s Bilgi University.

Side note: Istanbul is cat central.. i approve.

Brave new work

Rugcode has a new portal, your looking at it.