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Crude Assembly – D-A01 [Michael Gove Gargles Gland]

Entry for Renoise Mutant Breaks #4 comp

Video from Galata Perform Istanbul, 24/09/11

Check the project blog here





Some video from workshops in Istanbul last week

Bodig’s wonderful Banu working with the pre-alpha, some bugs are visible to keen eyes.

Me and my Shadow blog

Follow the progress of the new commission i am working on with Jo Hyde ‘Me and my Shadow’ here

The first leg of this year long project is in Istanbul’s Bilgi University.

Side note: Istanbul is cat central.. i approve.

Danceroom Spectroscopy video from Sun 7 Aug

Here is some video from Danceroom Spectroscopy at Arnolfini in bristol the other week.


Danceroom Spectroscopy Sun 7 Aug, 1pm – 5pm

I will be exhibiting Danceroom Spectroscopy at the Arnolfini next Sunday along with David Glowacki and Lee J. Malcolm. It is a interactive digital instillation that merges particle physics, dynamic audio generation and 3D imaging.

Here is some video of it in action at some dance workshops we put on at Arnolfini in association with Joseph Hyde a couple of weeks ago.