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Rugland Packer for (.Net) eXecutables 1.2

Rugland Packer for (.Net) eXecutables 1.2

Compress .NET executables and pack multiple assemblies into a single executable bundle. It requires no additional external assembly or library to decompress so you get really good compression with only about a 7KB overhead. It’s developed in C#

Compress .Net Executables.

  • Compress your .Net assembly for faster download.
  • High ZIP compression with no unpack library overhead.
  • Bundle multiple assemblies into a single distribution.
  • Works for Windows Forms and Console Applications.
  • Create a toolkit application that is a composite of multiple assemblies accessible via a menu.
  • Persist or explicitly define your assembly info from the original assembly or from a source file.
  • Persist or add a new icon to your packed executable.

Check out the codeplex project here