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MADE – Me and My Shadow

So, the London stint of the MADE residencies is over. There were a fair few technical challenges to overcome in this short time,  most notably streaming Kinect meshes between 4 machines simultaneously and in real time.
I was not 100% happy with the result but i know that i had sacrificed frame rate for stability for the process demo on the last day. I think i could have pushed it quite a lot further and given a little more time could have got them streaming at maybe half frame rate (12fps). other than that the applicaqtion worked well, i still have a fair number of visual bugs to sort out but as we were only paying lip service to the aesthetics of the the work i only care about those for my own personal pride.

Here is some video of all 4 portals setup side by side

You can see more video over at the project blog here
Thanks to the people of the National Theatre for hosting us, you were all very pleasant company and a special thanks to our dancers Sasha, Nick and Amina we could have done none of this without your patient participation.

Rugland Packer for (.Net) eXecutables 1.2

Rugland Packer for (.Net) eXecutables 1.2

Compress .NET executables and pack multiple assemblies into a single executable bundle. It requires no additional external assembly or library to decompress so you get really good compression with only about a 7KB overhead. It’s developed in C#

Compress .Net Executables.

  • Compress your .Net assembly for faster download.
  • High ZIP compression with no unpack library overhead.
  • Bundle multiple assemblies into a single distribution.
  • Works for Windows Forms and Console Applications.
  • Create a toolkit application that is a composite of multiple assemblies accessible via a menu.
  • Persist or explicitly define your assembly info from the original assembly or from a source file.
  • Persist or add a new icon to your packed executable.

Check out the codeplex project here